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The conference will be held in the city of Šabac, located in north-western part of Serbia. The city lies at a distance of 70 km from Belgrade.

Šabac is located on the right banks of the river Sava and represents the traditional centre of the fertile Mačva region. The town’s population is about 50 000 inhabitants.
Archaeological evidence attests to a permanent settlement in the area from the Neolithic times. In the Middle Ages, a Slavic settlement named Zaslon existed at the current location of Šabac. The settlement was part of the Serbian Despotate until it fell to the Ottoman Empire in 1459. At a crossroads of empires it changed rulers from the Turks to the Hapsburg empire on several occasions. In the 19th century Šabac was included into the autonomous Principality of Serbia under the Obrenović dynasty. This first ruling family of modern Serbia left its mark on the town. The period from 1820-1850 saw the establishment, for the first time in Šabac, of a hospital, a pharmacy, a grammar school, a gymnasium, a theatre, and a musical society. Because of this, and because of its bohemian lifestyle, Šabac got nicknamed “The Little Paris”.

Today, Šabac is best known for its famous citizens and the unique September fair.



Conference venue

The venue of the Conference is the hotel Sloboda, Hotel Sloboda in Šabac city center is one of the symbols of the Šabac town by the Sava river. Located right next to the city pedestrian zone and the central city square, the hotel offers restaurant, bar, SPA and Wellness centre, and a small fitness centre. The hotel is equipped with three modern conference halls.


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